Great question! Each piece is unique and requires a different type of royal treatment. Depending on your vision and our process, the costs really do vary. Click the “Request an estimate” button so we can hear more details on your special treasure.

With the cost of new furnishings, especially those manufactured overseas, going down, it can easily cost more to reupholster an old piece than to buy something new. Sometimes it’s not worth trying to reupholster those big box items, it really depends on what they’re made of and how they’re constructed.

Either way, Princess Perfect is here to help you determine when to re-style and when to toss! Make sure you look out for things such as solid hardwood construction, great lines, or a perfect fit in your home. These are often the most evident reasons to renew a cherished sofa or chair.  Most of the Big Box Retail furniture does not use hardwood construction, so it’s not built to last an entire reign of a King, Queen or Princess.

Yes! We have a huge selection of fabric books at our shop. We are always happy to assist you in your vision and in your search for the perfect fabric, leather, or vinyl. You can make an appointment to look through our extensive supply of fabrics, as we provide our expert advice and insight. We will also provide tips on which fabrics best suit your desired look, your special piece and provide options for your budget too! You can also request samples to take home and think on, before making a decision. But don’t think too long!

If you already have a look in mind, or love a specific fabric and couldn’t resist buying it – we totally get it! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when providing your own fabric, How much do you have? Is it right for upholstery? Will it withstand wear and tear? Does it suit the piece? Is it an end of bolt or is it possible to order more if need be? Best to consult with Lisa Jo on how your fabric can be incorporated into your custom piece. She loves talking fabric and we’re sure she’ll be excited to see what you have!

The short answer is we use the appropriate foam for the specific piece of furniture, or the part that we are re-constructing. Foams range in density and firmnesses, and we most often use Qualux, a family of high resiliency foams that meets your demands for consistency, longevity, comfort and support. Qualux has a soft surface, yet firms up quickly when compressed, providing proper body support in all seating applications.

The process is different for each piece, however some steps remain the same:

  1. Send us a request for an estimate.  Fill out the form with as much detail as possible and attach a picture or two. Don’t forget the dimensions! Once we get your form we will do our calculations and provide an estimate.

  2. If you wish to proceed, schedule an in-store appointment to select fabrics and discuss any important styling details.

  3. Once you select your fabric, we request a deposit to order the materials and put you in our project queue.

  4. When we are ready to work on your piece(s) we will contact you to pick up your furniture, or if small enough we will request you to drop it off.

  5. We may ask you to come in while working on your pieces to do a “tush test”. This is where we select the right kind of foam to make your seat as comfortable as possible and customize it to your personal preference….not too soft, not too firm, Perfect for you!

  6. When your piece is finished we will deliver it back to your home, or prepare it to be picked up and transported.

Typically, the whole process takes several weeks end-to-end, and we aim to have your furniture delivered back to you as quickly as possible.

Absolutely! By having a quality hardwood frame and solid construction, there are plenty of opportunities to modernize, update and re-size (grandma might have been a little smaller than you). Bring in your inspirational pictures and discuss the endless possibilities!

Yes, we have a pickup and delivery service available for a fee, depending on your location.

Yes we make custom cushions and pillows for indoor and outdoors uses. We use a wide range of perfectly selected materials such as down, feathers, foam (indoor and outdoor) or fibers. Each material is chosen depending on what’s right for your individual piece. We can create unique cushions or pillows in any size or style. We also offer many design detail techniques such as piping, box style, knife edge cut, buttons or no buttons. These techniques will all be part of our consultation.

Still have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about your project, big or small. We are a small yet busy workshop and no, there aren’t any robots helping to perfect all the small details. Our team is the real deal! We appreciate your patience when waiting for a reply to an email or voicemail; when we are not on the phone or computer we are busy getting all your lovely projects done.