Our Story

Lisa Jo Moore is the owner and operator of Princess Perfect Upholstery, located in the heart of Pape Village. Her love of restoration and reupholstery began when she was just a young girl growing up in Kitchener, ON. She began when she decided to strip down and redo her childhood dresser. Having a strong passion for design, fabrics and furniture, moving into the world of upholstery seemed like the perfect path for her.

Lisa Jo has had an ongoing love affair with customizing pieces since the early 90’s. What started out as more of a hobby (exclusively working on items for friends and family), soon became an apprenticeship opportunity. This was where she could truly further her knowledge and her craft. Working under her mentors, Grant and Charlene Gilmour, she began to understand the true artistry of upholstery. It was then where she started to take great pride in her workmanship and strived to make sure every piece was ‘perfect’ when it was complete.

In 2001 Lisa Jo opened Princess Perfect Upholstery. Her very own shop and vision had finally come to life. Lisa Jo’s mission is to provide top-quality craftsmanship and materials, while remaining true to the integrity of the piece and vision of the client. She now has a multitude of happy customers, all who value her work and her experience. “We are very proud of the reputation we have built.” You can’t beat word-of-mouth referrals when looking for a solid upholsterer! One of the biggest mistakes people make is to favour price over quality and reputation. Lisa Jo invites anyone considering re-upholstering a cherished piece of furniture to listen to what her customers have been saying for years. She looks forward to bringing a fresh look, new energy and of course perfection to your special piece.

Why Re-Upholster?

Upholstered furniture began to appear in Europe during the 1620s. Interior design in the 17th century was marked by a heightened focus on aesthetics and comfort.

To this day, good quality furniture continues to bring a sense of warmth and style into the home, making it a pleasure to live with.

There are many reasons why people decide to re-upholster furniture instead of buying new. If the piece is of sentimental value, then it’s value is inestimable and worth re-upholstering. It is important to ensure that the frame will last the life of the new upholstery. A quality frame guarantees the life of the new upholstery and is the best reason to consider re-upholstering a piece.

Re-upholstery can rejuvenate your furniture or create a one-of-a-kind piece. You can modify arms, add or remove a skirt and/or cushions — there are unlimited choices when it comes to customizing your furniture.

Our Fabrics